Image Today we met Naomi Blanche, the Program Coordinator of Platform… We have penciled in the week starting April 15th 2013 as our production week. This will be great as it will be around the Easter holidays so we will be able to get more young people involved and watching the performance.. We discussed possible straight up hiring rates, or whether to go for a box office split and what kind of percentages and what they will offer as in Platform helping and having an input, it was a really productive day and we feel like we are finally moving somewhere and getting PARALLAX going..

I will admit it, it was exciting!


Mini Meeting…

So on Sunday me & Desara had a mini meeting. We just got together to try and organise/priorities different tass and work that needs to be done.. We looked more into the SkyArts Ignition: Future Funds, went over the FAQs, I found tips/advice through IdeasTap called ‘5 common mistakes’ & ‘5 common budgeting mistakes’ so we read through them together and highlighted the important aspects and the things we may need to look into more. We also set up a provision schedule rehearsal dates and our first venue which we have decided to be Platform, Desara then emailed it out to the group this will help when looking into budgeting, it will help Alannah when she’s approaching potential directors and it will help Benedicte with trying to find a rehearsal space. Rehearsal space is an area within the budget where we are trying to save money as there are many venues that offer there spaces out to emerging artists, Benedicte found a site SomewhereTo which helps to put us in contact with these venues.

We also looked into the possible prices of what out venue spaces will add up to, – a lot.. I’m goin away and doing more work on this through the week so we can start to contact them afinger this show on the road.

Desara is going to be having a meeting during the week with a connection of hers, who is willing to give advice and help if she can with the project. It’s really great that there is people out there who are willing and able to give us advice as we still haven’t found a producer to take on the project – that is a big task we need to sort out…

Thats all for now on the updates

New Director.?

Previously as part of working with the Almeida,  we had the amazing opportunity to work with the lovely and talented Natalie Abrahami, (as our director) her vision is what made Parallax such an amazing play and one that is so close to our hearts, unfortunately she has a busy schedule and is unable to continue on our journey with Parallax.

Alannah has been looking into directors that she think will be interested in taking on Parallax and one that will understand the depths of the Play. Some names she came up with were Roy Alexander Weise,  Cheryl Gallacher,   Justin Audibert,   Che Walker,   Steph O’Driscoll and Barney Norris. These are all amazing directors, there previous work shows how talented they are, and we will be lucky if any of them considered working with Parallax.

But is it right to get a new Director… This is a question that was raised in the last meeting. Should we just continue with the vision that Natalie Abrahami gave us, and consult with her when ever we can, – we are a young adult company, and there is always leaders in a group will someone try and take over? will others bow down to they direction? will it work.?

Or should we start Parallax fresh.? There is only 4 member from the original cast continuing with Parallax, so were going to have to start fresh with casting, should the plate just be scrapped clean completely..


So another key stage in our process of getting Parallax going is finding possible theatre venues or fringe festivals, one that are possibly open to new writing, or young theatre projects, or simply one thats are available to just hire.

Heres a little list of some we have stumbled upon;

Theatre Venues/Spaces:

Platform,   Rich Mix,   Bernie Grant Arts Centre,   Roundhouse,   Unicorn Theatre,   Soho Theatre,   Lost Theatre,   New Diorama Theatre,  Pleasance Theatre,  Park Theatre

Fringe Festivals:

Brighton Fringe,   Camden Fringe,   Edinburgh Fringe

We will narrow down this list and figure out some sort of schedule of performances, well basing this on the grounds that the venues will accept our project. We are hoping to perform at a few of these and get noticed or at least be successful within these venues 😀 (How the power of a dream and some passion makes you think anything is possible)

Pitch Ideas…. Alannah

Alannah’s Pitch:

“Parallax definition;  The effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions

Parallax a newly written play developed by the Almeida young company and written by Rebecca Pritchard, deals with the themes of love, family, desire but most of all the way in which no matter how big this planet is, and how many people live on it we are all in one way or another connected and effected to and by each other. The Almeida young company are a group of young passionate actors all from different backgrounds, ethnicities and parts of the world all with different experiences and understandings of our world we live in today. Rebecca Pritchard a talented writer saw this in our group and made a replica of exactly that; a story in which two completely different worlds collide into one.  We all grew so close to each other, the characters and the play as a whole over the year we spent developing it together and felt a few performances of our families work was just not enough-we want to expand it more and show it to as many people as possible. It would mean more than the world to us as a group to perform this as festivals across the UK and theatres, as we are extremely passionate and keen to create an enjoyable piece of theatre in which we effect peoples lives with.”


Pitch ideas…. Desara

Another pitch by Desara:

“What is Parallax?


  1. The effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions

So that is the mere definition of the word – however the play is deeper, richer more moving then that definition. This play collides 3 worlds at the same time. You witness the lives of these groups of people. A family whose hearts are weakened and helpless child who is stronger than life itself with a torn mother and a brave brother, a group of distracted, unoccupied but talented young people where the world has given up on them. A connection that will make you crumble.

We see the lives of these people collide in an unfortunate manner, carrying with them issues of abuse, mental, physical, domestic, foster, health/cancer, society, talent, music and dance – an array of topics.

At the moment this all probably sounds out of the ordinary and very sad – IT IS EXACTLY THAT. This play is unique and bespoke to it’s young performers however, it has a door that is left open to enable other young people and older people to connect with its themes and messages. It will leave you upset and angry or both.

This play was devised by a group of young people who worked with a  writer(Rebecca Prichard)  and director (Natalie Abrahami) to  produce something for the Almeida Festival, it was a great hit and the cast feel it’s important for it to have a life. You could be part of this crazy world and join in the journey with us to provoke an audience and engage with society on a new scale. Allowing for theatre to be changed and taken over by younger performers.”

Pitch ideas…. Yasemin

So as said before, we have all been set the task to go away and write a pitch/plea about parallax… Here is one written by Yasemin Ergun

“Parallax all started from a sharing of words, from the one spark of thought to sharing a piece of individual imagination. Stemming from a collective of young and fruitful minds all ready for a challenge. My role in Parallax had given me a chance and to express all that came freely. From the depths of my mind to the depths of my heart, a mixture of being in the moment and with the help of a director of course. In those moments I felt free, my soul amplified and magnified and me not caring which part I let show. Art in its finest. Life would mean nothing without people and along this short journey, I have met and bonded with a handful of inspiring, intelligent and  a creative group of people. All sharing their souls to create, live and breathe this wonderful piece in which we call Parallax. Parallax brings to you a piece of life from each character, their stories entwined, their thoughts linked and their emotions linked even more so. Enriched with humour and heart wrenching emotion, the universe is presented before you. I loved being part of Parallax as it had a beautiful range of aspects. Spirituality being the strongest and showing itself in bits along the way, the hardship of two mothers losing a child, one from death and the other from the inability to function according to Psychology. What is so amazing is that the interpretation of Parallax is not set in stone, whatever your take on it as a whole is your own and nobody is to say otherwise. It allows the audiences imagination to wander and run wild. I believe this wonderful art piece can be related to by many people all around the world and will touch everybody’s heart and enrich everybody’s minds after viewing.”