New Director.?

Previously as part of working with the Almeida,  we had the amazing opportunity to work with the lovely and talented Natalie Abrahami, (as our director) her vision is what made Parallax such an amazing play and one that is so close to our hearts, unfortunately she has a busy schedule and is unable to continue on our journey with Parallax.

Alannah has been looking into directors that she think will be interested in taking on Parallax and one that will understand the depths of the Play. Some names she came up with were Roy Alexander Weise,  Cheryl Gallacher,   Justin Audibert,   Che Walker,   Steph O’Driscoll and Barney Norris. These are all amazing directors, there previous work shows how talented they are, and we will be lucky if any of them considered working with Parallax.

But is it right to get a new Director… This is a question that was raised in the last meeting. Should we just continue with the vision that Natalie Abrahami gave us, and consult with her when ever we can, – we are a young adult company, and there is always leaders in a group will someone try and take over? will others bow down to they direction? will it work.?

Or should we start Parallax fresh.? There is only 4 member from the original cast continuing with Parallax, so were going to have to start fresh with casting, should the plate just be scrapped clean completely..


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