Pitch ideas…. Desara

Another pitch by Desara:

“What is Parallax?


  1. The effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions

So that is the mere definition of the word – however the play is deeper, richer more moving then that definition. This play collides 3 worlds at the same time. You witness the lives of these groups of people. A family whose hearts are weakened and helpless child who is stronger than life itself with a torn mother and a brave brother, a group of distracted, unoccupied but talented young people where the world has given up on them. A connection that will make you crumble.

We see the lives of these people collide in an unfortunate manner, carrying with them issues of abuse, mental, physical, domestic, foster, health/cancer, society, talent, music and dance – an array of topics.

At the moment this all probably sounds out of the ordinary and very sad – IT IS EXACTLY THAT. This play is unique and bespoke to it’s young performers however, it has a door that is left open to enable other young people and older people to connect with its themes and messages. It will leave you upset and angry or both.

This play was devised by a group of young people who worked with a  writer(Rebecca Prichard)  and director (Natalie Abrahami) to  produce something for the Almeida Festival, it was a great hit and the cast feel it’s important for it to have a life. You could be part of this crazy world and join in the journey with us to provoke an audience and engage with society on a new scale. Allowing for theatre to be changed and taken over by younger performers.”


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