Pitch Ideas…. Alannah

Alannah’s Pitch:

“Parallax definition;  The effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions

Parallax a newly written play developed by the Almeida young company and written by Rebecca Pritchard, deals with the themes of love, family, desire but most of all the way in which no matter how big this planet is, and how many people live on it we are all in one way or another connected and effected to and by each other. The Almeida young company are a group of young passionate actors all from different backgrounds, ethnicities and parts of the world all with different experiences and understandings of our world we live in today. Rebecca Pritchard a talented writer saw this in our group and made a replica of exactly that; a story in which two completely different worlds collide into one.  We all grew so close to each other, the characters and the play as a whole over the year we spent developing it together and felt a few performances of our families work was just not enough-we want to expand it more and show it to as many people as possible. It would mean more than the world to us as a group to perform this as festivals across the UK and theatres, as we are extremely passionate and keen to create an enjoyable piece of theatre in which we effect peoples lives with.”



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