Pitch ideas…. Yasemin

So as said before, we have all been set the task to go away and write a pitch/plea about parallax… Here is one written by Yasemin Ergun

“Parallax all started from a sharing of words, from the one spark of thought to sharing a piece of individual imagination. Stemming from a collective of young and fruitful minds all ready for a challenge. My role in Parallax had given me a chance and to express all that came freely. From the depths of my mind to the depths of my heart, a mixture of being in the moment and with the help of a director of course. In those moments I felt free, my soul amplified and magnified and me not caring which part I let show. Art in its finest. Life would mean nothing without people and along this short journey, I have met and bonded with a handful of inspiring, intelligent and  a creative group of people. All sharing their souls to create, live and breathe this wonderful piece in which we call Parallax. Parallax brings to you a piece of life from each character, their stories entwined, their thoughts linked and their emotions linked even more so. Enriched with humour and heart wrenching emotion, the universe is presented before you. I loved being part of Parallax as it had a beautiful range of aspects. Spirituality being the strongest and showing itself in bits along the way, the hardship of two mothers losing a child, one from death and the other from the inability to function according to Psychology. What is so amazing is that the interpretation of Parallax is not set in stone, whatever your take on it as a whole is your own and nobody is to say otherwise. It allows the audiences imagination to wander and run wild. I believe this wonderful art piece can be related to by many people all around the world and will touch everybody’s heart and enrich everybody’s minds after viewing.”


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