Mini Meeting…

So on Sunday me & Desara had a mini meeting. We just got together to try and organise/priorities different tass and work that needs to be done.. We looked more into the SkyArts Ignition: Future Funds, went over the FAQs, I found tips/advice through IdeasTap called ‘5 common mistakes’ & ‘5 common budgeting mistakes’ so we read through them together and highlighted the important aspects and the things we may need to look into more. We also set up a provision schedule rehearsal dates and our first venue which we have decided to be Platform, Desara then emailed it out to the group this will help when looking into budgeting, it will help Alannah when she’s approaching potential directors and it will help Benedicte with trying to find a rehearsal space. Rehearsal space is an area within the budget where we are trying to save money as there are many venues that offer there spaces out to emerging artists, Benedicte found a site SomewhereTo which helps to put us in contact with these venues.

We also looked into the possible prices of what out venue spaces will add up to, – a lot.. I’m goin away and doing more work on this through the week so we can start to contact them afinger this show on the road.

Desara is going to be having a meeting during the week with a connection of hers, who is willing to give advice and help if she can with the project. It’s really great that there is people out there who are willing and able to give us advice as we still haven’t found a producer to take on the project – that is a big task we need to sort out…

Thats all for now on the updates


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