So one of the biggest things when trying to get a project off the ground is Funding. Looking at such websites like Ideastap and googling about funding art projects, I have found that in the states crowd-funding has been a big success story in helping to fund projects, it has now made its way across the pond and is also one of the biggest steps in supporting projects over here, so such sites as Wefund, Sponsume and Kickstarter.

These sites allow us to put out our project and ask for funding and a community of backers decide how much they are willing to help fund – What an Amazing idea. We will be posting up links of our project pages on these site we are finalising our pitch/plea in order to help funders support us.

This has been one of our task since the last time we had a meeting, each of us is writing a small paragraph or two about Parallax, stating what the play is about and means to us as a group & individual  but also what it can do to a community and an audience.

Not only will we be looking into crowd-funding, but we will be trying our luck with our Local councils, seeing what funding and grants they offer to the arts and supporting up & coming projects, fortunately for our group most of us live within different London boroughs – so if we get shut down in one place we can try somewhere else. Looking through Ideastap there are also a lot of fundraising grants through bigger companies and other art projects that are willing to support up & coming projects, there is also the Arts Council (England), which offer different funding and grants opportunities. These will be harder and more competition when applying but all we can do is try and hope for the best 🙂
We believe that in showing all our work and process through our blog and YouTube channel(Again Link we be up soon..), it may help to show our dedication and help supporters to understand what we are doing and where we are going with the play.


Parallax is a group of young ambitious performers, who’s play written by Rebecca Pritchard, explores the reality of our ever-sprawling city and how it can dictate our lives. It follows a powerful journey of ordinary people struggling in the city of London, some you may even walk past everyday.

Parallax started off as a “Young Friends of Almeida” project.
What started off as strangers in a rehearsal room trying to piece together ideas and themes to help produce a new play, ended up as a young company wanting to continue and grow with what we think is such an inspiring and influential.

After performing at the Almeida festival, a few of the cast members decided this can not be it for Parallax, with a play that pushes boundaries like no other this could not be the end.

This blog is going to document along with our YouTube channel (Link we be up soon..) our story and process into making our dreams come true and re-producing Parallax. Nothing will be hidden you will see the good, the bad and the ugly.